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Wildcatter Ranch & Resort

Wildcatter Ranch - Trail running and horseback riding

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Wildcatter Ranch (4)

In the North Texas Hill country, just 90 minutes northwest of Fort Worth, near Graham (''Ghost city'', refer to the photos below), Wildcatter Ranch is a place to go for a weekend.

You will find a combination of nature, sport, history and cowboy experience. The place is situated on 1,500 acres (607,02 hectares) of landscape without urban noise.

The ranch dates to 1870. Originally, it was a place of conflits with American Indians and cattle drives.

Wildcatter Ranch Map

The ranch gives the opportunity to ride a horse through 25 miles of trail, to engage trail running (trail traced by colour : Green, Red, Black, Gold, Blue, Yellow, White). The trail courses are on rugged hill terrain with rocks, oat trees, cacti and groves. For your recovery, the ranch offers SPA and swimmingpool.

 Wilcatter Ranch-Trail Wilcatter Ranch-Trail (2)Wildcatter Ranch Trail-map (Trail map)

Wildcatter Ranch Horseback-Ride Wildcatter Ranch Horseback-Ride (2) Wildcatter Ranch Horseback-Ride (3)

Wildcatter Ranch Horseback-Ride (4)

 Wilcatter Ranch SPA-Swimmingpool (SPA and swimmingpool)

Wildcatter Ranch Brazos-River (View on the Brazos River) 

Wildcatter Ranch Cabin-suite (Cabin Suite) Wildcatter Ranch Cabin-suite (2) (Cabin's patio)

Wildcatter Ranch longhorn (Close to the longhorn) 

Wildcatter Ranch Pump-Oil (Pump Oil still in use)

Graham ''Ghost city'' (9 minutes away from the ranch):


 Graham (2) Graham (3)

Nathalie,Running without Limits.

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